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Upcoming Projects and Designs

Our Current T-Shirt Designs
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Upcoming Projects and Designs

These designs are currently being processed and will be available on shirts next month.  You can pre-order these designs now through email or our customer service hotline!

Our newest and one of the most popular designs, Celebration Star.


Celebrating the birth of Noskcaj, the Star highlights 1979, the year of it's actual birth.  Herb uses the dragon's head to illustrate Noskaj's dominance over it's competitor, but we think it would look better on your chest!

Gotta Broken Heart?


You may not know this, but our lead designer Herb Jackson is a heartfelt fellow!  Unfortunately, when leading with this organ, it has a tendency to get stabbed.  Herb illustrates this with the classic symbol of heartache.

Your #1 Love Is...
NOSKCAJ  of course!  Show your love for your number one with this granite inspiring crown of affection from NOSCKAJ.


Special Product Orders:

New Shoes! 
DJDynasty Dockers


These shoes are specially designed by Herb Jackson III for basketball players!  With sure arch support and perfect grip,  these high quality tennis will keep your game tight!

Jackets From The Future
Herb has created a kind of lettermen jacket for basketball players.  This handsome fellow will adorn the back of your jacket, displaying his funky style while letting other players know you are so serious about your game!


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